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This website is designed to be an outlet for the Lowriding Community to network with one another

Lowrider Life is an internet based radio station. It was created for the lowriding community since there really is not a station that plays the type of music we can ride too. I founded Dreams II Reality CC 20 years ago. I have been a lowrider for 22 years.

My vision for Lowrider Life is to bring good music to Lowriders coast to coast as well as our Lowriders abroad. I will be live on the air to send shout outs and dedications. If you have a song that you want to hear that is not in my collection,  send me a quick message on the website. Include the song title and artist and when I am on the air I will play your request and send a shout out to you as acknowledgement. Dedications will be done the same way but please also include to who and from who the song is being dedicated. I hope you all enjoy Lowrider Life and help to make it a success.

Lowrider Life
One love